Andrei Ioviță, CEO

“altalingua is a specialist in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. Multilingual technical documentation is our passion.

You need your technical documentation to continue to drive sales, communicate with customers, and increase brand loyalty well after the first purchase is made. At altalingua, we know your story.

If you’re in the automotive or machinery sectors, we already understand your needs. In fact, we specialize in helping clients just like you.”

Top LSPs Specialized in Manufacturing 2021
CSA Research

altalingua is ranked number 1 in the world in the Top 13 LSPs with the Highest Percentage of Revenue from Manufacturing, according to CSA Research. Source: The Top LSPs Specialized in Manufacturing (2021), CSA Research, August 2021.

Head of Technical Translations Research & Development
Volkswagen AG

“High commitment, readiness and flexibility … we are thoroughly satisfied with our working relationship with altalingua.”

Team Leader Technical Documentation
Haas Automation, Inc.

“Prompt, efficient and cost-effective translation services … we highly recommend their translation services to any company.”