Performance specifications and in-house standards supporting production worldwide

altalingua supports Volkswagen AG in providing highly technical localized content to its engineers and suppliers all over the world. For this client in particular, we have translated tens of millions of words, mostly from German into English but also from German into other 35 languages.

altalingua allocates dedicated project teams to meet project requirements in terms of quality, scalability and turnaround. An expert translator team, specialized in automotive-related fields – especially mechanical and electrical engineering – is built in close collaboration with the client. Resource selection is carried out according to a well-defined 3-phase process, subsequent to which translators are included in a permanent training program for translation quality assurance as well as for the optimum usage of software tools. Translator performance is monitored based on the SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric. Evaluations and feedback fuel continuous improvement in the performance of all team members.

altalingua emphasizes quality by thoroughly managing all aspects of the content conversion cycle. A fully customized project plan was co-developed with the client, relying on the following key elements: state-of-the-art computer assisted translation and quality assurance tools, high quality translation memories, a comprehensive terminological database, and a workflow comprising rigorous QA checks. Additionally, an online quality and queries management database provided by Volkswagen AG streamlines communication between our in-house and freelance translators, and the client’s project managers. The online communication tool also offers browsing and searching capabilities, facilitating a continuous training process of all translators involved.

Our solutions offer transparency and synergetic integration with the client’s activities. Our project tracking system provides detailed insight into costs, volume, and project progress. Volkswagen AG benefits from hands-on access to project development and can easily follow up with our project coordination team with new essential project information. The data pool can be directly converted into volume and cost distribution statistics, for improved overview and a well substantiated decision-making process.

Our successful, quality-focused collaboration is directly mirrored into the end product – the documentation localized by altalingua is a valuable tool for thousands of our client’s engineers and suppliers worldwide.

Technical documentation in local languages for users all over the world

altalingua supports Haas Automation, Inc. to provide highly-technical localized content to its worldwide customers and technical support specialists. Since 2002, altalingua has translated tens of millions of words from English into 21 languages for a variety of content types: operator and service manuals, software user interface, and safety decals.

altalingua is proactive in finding solutions tailored to fit each client’s needs – putting processes in place to exceed expectations. Our in-depth analysis of documentation specifics, performed at project start, has allowed the project management team to design and put into effect a custom-made project plan, encompassing extensive statements of work, specialized resources, and rigorous quality-control and project-monitoring tools. This anticipative phase proved its efficacy in outlining a smooth, fault-free workflow.

Focusing on quality-control tools and processes, altalingua integrates effective quality assurance mechanisms and standards into the translation system. As terminology accuracy is vital to the end-result value, we developed a set of extensive glossaries for a consistent approach to the translation of the entire documentation package. The project coordination team carried out a terminology validation campaign with support from the client’s local dealers, and undertook the task of constantly updating the database. Terminology consistency as well as further quality assurance checks are performed at every project stage, ensuring content integrity throughout its transformation cycle.

altalingua develops processes perfectly in line with the client’s software instruments roadmap. Haas Automation, Inc. transitioned from PageMaker-based documentation and graphics with embedded text to XML-based content published via InDesign. The new format helped level the workflow processes and enhanced localizability through unified encoding. altalingua lined up with the new requirements, adapting specifications, workflow and quality assurance instruments to improve efficiency and turnaround.

Accessing highly technical content in their own language helps our client’s product users and technical staff in making use of their products within optimum parameters. Moreover, products are accessible to a wider range of users, contributing not only to appropriate operation of the products but also to promoting sales and our client’s brand worldwide.